Women of Faith

A good cup of coffee or tea possesses great power. It can be a source of comfort when feeling down. It can energize us when we feel exhausted. It can make us feel better when sick. It has a sweet aroma. And, it is always enjoyed more with a friend!

Our relationship as women and sisters in Christ can be even more powerful! The ladies’ ministry program at Faith encourages relationships that are grounded in God’s Word. We are women who help each other grow spiritually, who care for one another, who comfort and encourage each other, and who serve together! 

A variety of activities are planned for 2018 that capture the diverse interests and gifts of the women. The events give all the women an opportunity to engage, grow, plan, and serve. Over the course of the coming year, Women of Faith will have Bible studies, ladies’ Sunday School, four larger outreach events, six casual ladies’ meetups, two service projects, and an overnight getaway!


27w010 Parkway Drive

Winfield, IL 60190